Electrical Tampa

Electrical Tampa

When you think of electrical Tampa, think of us, Fast Service Electric. Our company has been rated as an expert for electrical repair Tampa, including electric breaker and panel repair and replacement.

One of the most familiar electrical panel problems is having a loose connection. If repaired quickly, some tightening might be all that is required. If you wait, however, your connections might seize up, and your entire electrical panel will may need to be replaced. Many homeowners don’t know that if their electrical panels are Federal Pacific and Sylvania, numerous insurance companies won’t renew their homeowner policies because they can pose as a serious fire hazard

Electrical Tampa troubleshooting services provided by Fast Service Electric:

  • Track down lost voltage
  • Trace wiring in your walls
  • Trace underground wiring
  • Repair tripped breakers
  • Track down short circuits

We can also perform signal tracing and a wide array of other large electrical Tampa repair! Our electricians are experts in switch and outlet installation and repair, fans and lighting repair and installation, repairing or upgrading panels, repairing tripped breakers and, of course, whole house rewires. They also handle all small and large electrical repair Tampa, as well as wiring for additions and remodeling. In addition, our service trucks are loaded with a great variety of supplies, enabling us to get most of our electrical repairs done within the same business day.

Whether repairing, installing or maintaining your electrical Tampa system, you can count on Fast Service Electric for premium quality work. Contact us today. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays.

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