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MeterEveryone can save money on their electric bill by being more efficient with their use of electricity. Fast Service Electric can give its customers strategies and techniques to help lower the cost of their electric bill. At each service call we will inform the customer of areas where electricity can be saved. These savings can add up to large savings over a period of time. Our technicians perform this service at no extra charge with each service call. We also provide a brochure with many cost savings techniques.

These cost saving measures will cost you little to no money. Most of the information you gain is on investments you can make and implement on your own without having to pay others. You choose what you want to implement to save momey.

Building value into each service call allows us to give our customers a better investment on their service request. Fast Service Electric prides itself on giving fair prices with quality material and top installation practices with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

18 Tips to Help You Save on Energy and Reduce Your Electric Bill

1Thermostat_smallInstall a programmable thermostat for your heat and air conditioning. A programmable thermostat can be set for different temperatures for times when no one is home. If you like your home at 76 degrees, set it to 80 degrees while gone for the day and program it to 76 degrees for when you get home. When leaving for a few days, set your thermostat so that your AC equipment or heat works less.

2Lights & Fan Repair & InstallationInstall fan rheostats for ceiling fans for when full power is not needed and you just want to circulate the air. Fans can make a room more comfortable. They really don’t have a huge impact on the temperature. Turn ceiling fans off when you leave the room. Fans should run counter clock wise in the summer and clockwise in the winter to optimize efficiency.

3Water heater timers and blankets can help reduce the amount of time water heaters are on. When considering a new water heater, look for an Energy Star rating. Set the temperature of your existing water heater to120 degrees, this is typically as high as you need it. On demand water heaters are pricy and may actually increase your electric bill, do research before deciding on installing them. Install a solar water heater to qualify for rebates to help with the cost of installation and purchasing.

4cfl_bulbsInstall compact fluorescent (CFLs) or LED lighting for interior and exterior lights. Fluorescent and LED lights last longer, use very little electricity and produce little heat. The more heat you produce in your home the more your air conditioning needs to work. Three way light bulbs can help reduce energy costs if brightness is not needed.

5dimmer_smallInstall dimmer switches for lighting that can be dimmed when full power is not needed. Timers and occupancy sensors for lights are great for those lights you use regularly but forget to turn off.

6CaulkingCheck your windows and doors for proper sealing to prevent electrical waste. Use caulking and weather stripping to seal openings and reduce drafts. Annually check the caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows and repair as needed.

7Energy StarUpgrading old appliances to Energy Star rated appliances can help save a substantial amount of your electric bill. A refrigerator uses a large portion of your electric bill. Make sure that is closes and seal correctly.  Look for the Energy Star rating on all new appliances.

8Wash and dry full loads of laundry. If your washer and dryer are not working properly you could be wasting a lot of money. Replace them with Energy Star appliances. Wash and dry more than one load at a time, when a dryer is already warm it takes less energy to dry your clothes. Set timers for drying clothes to prevent over drying. Vent your dryer to the outside and keep filters clean.

9Electric Panels and BreakersPreventative electrical maintenance. When was the last time you had your electrical system checked out? Loose connections can cause heat, which is power loss and is an electrical danger.

10ACKeep your air conditioning system in top shape with yearly preventative maintenance. A bad running air conditioning system can cause high electric bills. Change your filters regularly, typically once a month.

11drapes_smallTint your windows or use drapes and blinds to keep the sun out. The more sun you keep out, the less work your air conditioning unit will have to do to keep your house cool.

12Check your attic to see if more insulation is needed. Also check ductwork and air conditioning returns. The ducting can become loose and waste energy. Your attic should be well insulated with attic ventilation to remove the excess heat. Solar power ventilators are a great idea and they use no electricity.

13How many hours a day does your pool pump work? Experiment with different time allotments for running the pool pump. The less you can run it the more you save and the longer your pump will last. In the winter months you can shorten the hours compared to the summer. For heating use a solar water heater or a pool cover.

14Energy StarWhen purchasing electronic devices or electrical equipment and appliances look for Energy Star rating. Also look for newer models of Energy Star; they may have a higher rating. The higher the rating the more you save.

15LaptopUnplug your electronic devices when they are not in use. Laptops use less electricity than desktop computers. Turn your screen saver to sleep mode with a black screen. Also, utilize your system software’s energy saving features to power down your computer when not in use.

16Solar_2Installing a photovoltaic system (solar power system) is cheaper than ever. If your roof has a southern exposure with no shade you are half way there. The extra power you produce can be sold back to the power company. You may be eligible for tax rebates or credits.

17Search the Internet for more power saving techniques. Make the extra investments as your needs for purchasing electrical items comes up. Take a little more time to consider your impact on the environment and look for ways to make a positive impact so we all live in a better world and save money too.

18Get useful energy saving advice. Contact your local power company for an energy audit. These programs are usually free and can give you helpful ideas to save on your electric bill. Utility companies will explain their rebates that are available for participating in their energy saving programs.




Solar Power for Homes


Solar Power and PhotovoltaicsFast Service Electric also installs solar power systems which can drastically lower your electric bill or completely eliminate your power bill depending on your investment. The State and Federal governments have programs to help pay for most of your system.  You may even be eligible for tax credits.

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