Solar Power and Photovoltaics

Need help with Solar Power & Photovoltaic in Tampa FL?

At Fast Electric Service, we know that Solar power generation is getting cheaper every day.  Cost of electricity will continue to escalate from power companies. With solar power your electric bill will be reduced. After all we live in the Sunshine State!

If you are looking to offset the cost of electricity, Fast Service Electric would be happy to do an evaluation on your home. Rated as one of the best companies for solar power & photovoltaic in Tampa FL,

We will calculate the savings and the investment that will be needed to become more energy independent. Typically after a few years of operation, a solar power system offers the homeowner returns on their investment and adds value to the home. Some tax credit incentives may be available.

Builders should consider adding solar power generation to help sell their homes to ever energy conscious home buyers. Leading the way using greener technology while adding value to the homes you build and sell.

We Install Solar Power & Photovoltaic Systems in Tampa FL

Solar Panels

Micro Inverters

Racking System


Ground Unit

Preventative maintenance & troubleshooting

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